Wedding party

* Satire Disclaimer May not be 100% accurate *
See Issac for details!!!
Issac’s older smaller brother & best man.
Fun fact: He believes in the flat earth theory.
Issac’s best boyfriend and groomsman
Fun fact: He became gay in Boy Scouts where we became friends.
Issac’s little brother and groomsboy
Fun fact: He loves bananas.
Lizzy McGill - Maid of Honor
Lizzy is Sammy’s best friend and soulmate. Fortunately for Issac, Lizzy and Sammy are both tragically heterosexual.
Fun fact: Lizzy has been a certified scuba diver since she was 12 years old. She claims diving is amazing because it's like a picture book coming alive.
Sparky Craig - Flower Sparky
Sparky is “supposedly” Sammy’s brother. We say supposedly because Sparky is originally from Neptune. Currently, he chooses to reside in Bakersfield, California, USA, Earth.
Fun fact: One day he dreams of being the next Star Lord.
Savvy Martinez - Bridesmaid
Also known as Sammy’s Twin, is a lifelong friend to both the bride and groom.
Fun fact: Savvy can flip her tongue over!
Paige Broughton - Bridesmaid
Paige and Sammy became friends at Sugar Pine Christian Camp where they were known to dance around any open space they could find.
Fun Fact: Paige owns more than 100 board games!
Damien Frye - Ring Bearer
Damien is Sammy’s God-brother and the coolest kid in school.
Fun Fact: he can do weird things with his tongue.