Yepez Wedding Directions

Our wedding is located at:

Sierra Christian Camp
44503 Old Stage Rd,
Posey, CA 93260

Travel Time is About:
1.5 hours from Bakersfield,
1 hour from Porterville

Finding the Yepez wedding is fairly simple.
     The following tips may save you a lot of time.

1.  There are NO gas stations between town and the Camp.  Make sure you fill up before you come.
2.  There is one small store about 15 miles from the camp that may have some of the basic essentials you may forgot to bring.
3.  Although the address is for "Posey", it is actually 3 miles past posey, and 1/4 mile past the small town "Balance Rock".
4.  Some GPS systems cannot find the address.  In that case, search for "Balance Rock CA, 93260."  The camp is just 1/4 mile past Balance Rock.
5.  You probably won't find a cell phone signal for most of the drive.
6.  In the wintertime when it snows chains are good but not always needed.
      The road is plowed every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon if needed.
         Front-wheel drive vehicles and four-wheel drive vehicles can usually make the road without any problem.
7. Upon arrival, please park in the parking lot.
      Walk to the kitchen/dining hall to check-in and receive a schedule and housing assignments.
8. Below are three different map options for getting to the wedding. There is also a map of the wedding location here
      If you want it make sure to save it before you go as well. As cell phones and internet may not work.
8a. This app is a map that works without connection to the internet. Maps.Me
      Downlooad it before you go as well as the Fresno Area Map.
      Once the app is downloaded:
      Return here (on your smartphone) to add the wedding location to the app: Sierra Camp Location!
Click the BookMark button
(red Circle)
Give it a name such as:
"Sierra Christian Camp"
Then Click "Save Changes"
Click the red pin
Click on Route To
Do this before you leave to make sure it is works.
8b. You can customize the direction links or use the simple map at the bottom of the page:
      *** Note this method may not work close to the wedding due to limited cell phone coverage!!

8c. Download and print this map: Print the "Simple Map" shown below.