Our Story

Issac and Sammy’s paths first crossed in 2nd grade at Columbia Elementary School.

We rode the bus together to and from school, yet we never had a single class together all the years we went to school together.

Fate intervened in 3rd grade when Issac joined Sammy in Awana at Grace Baptist Church. There, our friendship blossomed.

As we ventured into junior high, a secret crush began to brew, though neither of us dared to confess our feelings.

High school brought us closer as best friends and next-door neighbors, a perfect combination.

Upon graduation, Sammy moved to Taft, and Issac to Idaho, but the distance only made our bond stronger.

We found ourselves talking to each other more than with friends just miles away.

Even when Issac joined the navy, whether it was during boot camp, where heartfelt letters bridged the gap, or when he was stationed on the other side of the world, our relationship continued to flourish.

Then, one day, those childhood crushes resurfaced, and we finally revealed our true feelings.

With hearts intertwined, we planned to spend Christmas together in New Orleans, where Issac was living.

It was there that our love story truly began.

We embarked on a journey across the country to see each other whenever possible.

One fateful summer, Sammy spent months in New Orleans, and Issac discovered that his love for her was unwavering.

He made the smartest decision of his life, getting down on one knee and asking Sammy to be his wife.

With tears of joy, she exclaimed,


And so, our love story continues, a testament to the enduring power of friendship, love, and the remarkable journey that brought us together.